Friday, March 14, 2008

Acid Addition To Pinot

We sampled all the available fruit lots for juice analysis a month ago. The lab results on the Roberts Road Pinot were:

Assimilable Nitrogen286mg/L
Disssolved Solids25.6°Brix
Titratable Acidity4.17g/L
Malic Acid1.65g/L
Buffer Capacity31.2mmol/pH unit

Today I added 21.6 grams of tartaric acid (0.5 g/L) dissolved in a liter of water with punchdown #3 (punch #2 was yesterday morning when I added 1.9 g Lallzyme EX or 3g/100kg of fruit). My experiences with the WinePod so far suggest that this half gram addition is a good starting point for arriving at a 3.6-3.7 finished pH. Must temperature was 56° F.

I took in a new sample from the Pod yesterday for analysis. Late today I received the results, for comparison to the sample analyzed earlier

Disssolved Solids26.7°Brix
Titratable Acidity4.59g/L
Malic Acid2.06g/L
Volatile Acidity0.06g/L

The Brix surprised me. I don't think I have andded enough water to ensure a reasonable finished alcohol level.

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